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Health Coaching

"With the help of Robin, I established a new routine to help me withstand the challenges of being a single mom on a path of obtaining my degree. She helped me to lessen my level of burnout during my senior year by getting to the root of what was causing me to procrastinate and struggle with setting goals. Likewise, she always helped me to focus on one problem at a time and create small actionable steps, so I didn’t find myself overwhelmed in the process. Robin was extremely understanding, patient and empathetic to my needs as her client and worked around my schedule. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs help fulfilling their health and wellness goals."

Nahla W.

Health Coaching

"Robin’s approach is very tactful, not intrusive, and open-minded. She is fully present at the session which makes you feel accompanied every step of the way. Her coaching presence allows her to always bring a fresh perspective to every situation which reorganizes your thoughts opening up room to new possibilities. Robin is an amazing coach for overall well-being. She is so thorough at finding your direction and this helps her to guide you to achieving your goals. I love how she does not rush you into achieving too much too soon but helps you to set realistic goals and then guides you to achieving them. I thoroughly enjoy our time together and would highly recommend her for any health goals that you may have."

Robin H.

Health Coaching & Physical Therapy

"Robin has been of great help to me emotionally with her encouraging words and positive support. I have never known a medical provider who addressed my physical health and provided emotional support at the same time.  Her focus was always on what was important to me. She helped me to set achievable goals and stay focused on my overall wellness.  I cannot overstate the importance of her support as I was trying to accomplish my goals. What makes Robin stand out to me is that she listened for deeper issues and challenges that we addressed together as we talked. I now have tools to move forward successfully.  She maintained great faith in my ability to reach my vision and I know that I can always count on her when I need her help.  She is fantastic! " 

John F.  PhD

Physical Therapy

Over the past year I chose to schedule two Total Knee Replacements within 6 months of each other. Robin Sopher directed my physical therapy before and after both surgeries. The results I have are measured by my current ability to not only return to my pre-op activities, but I can now do them without fear of falling and most importantly, no pain.  I was blessed to have Robin work with me on my knee replacement journey. She was knowledgeable, helpful, creative, and responsive to my concerns and needs.  I highly recommend her.
Marilyn K.

Physical Therapy

Robin is by far the best physical therapist I’ve ever had, out of at least ten different PTs due to multiple surgeries and injuries. I have worked with Robin three times since 2017.
She helped me recover from one surgery and two other injuries. She helped me improve more than I ever thought would be possible. She is smart, experienced, practical and effective. She knows what she’s doing and is very good at it. In addition to
her extensive knowledge and experience, the kind of person she is makes all the difference. Robin is kind, caring, gentle and optimistic. She communicates well, respects my limits, and works together with me. We are always a team, and she is
dedicated to helping me improve as much as possible. She is truly excellent, both as a PT and as a person.

Physical Therapy

Robin has been responsible for much of my musculoskeletal system for almost 10 years. That is because she has guided me back to health after a shoulder surgery (2016), a hip replacement surgery (2023), and in between with osteoarthritis and back pain.  She really listened when I described my concerns and experiences, and her treatment knowledge is very extensive.  She consistently remained positive in her outlook, both on my treatment and how she sees the world. That really helps when sometimes just taking a few steps can be tough. Today, I feel stronger and healthier than I ever did a decade ago.  I always recommend Robin to friends and acquaintances if they are even thinking of getting physical therapy.

Jim M.

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