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Health Coaching Plan Options:

*Longer plans=less cost per session*

Coaching Sessions last from 45-60 minutes (amount of time that is needed for you)
and the first coaching session will be 60 minutes


Let me help you live your best life

Let's try it!

1 Month Plan:
$70 per session
4x per month

Shine your light

Ready for a longer commitment?
3 Month Plan:
$67.50 per session
2x or 4x per month


Optimizing performance in a sustainable way: life transformation!

6 month plan:
$65 per session
2x or 4x per month
Split: weekly sessions for the first 3 months then biweekly for the last 3 months 

Research has shown that 6 months of behavior change maximizes your ability to:

  • achieve sustainable results

  • avoid relapsing into old behaviors

Health and Wellness Coaching may be held through zoom, phone or in-person. 
***In-person sessions may have an additional cost depending on your location***

Additional Options for Health Coaching without an additional cost:


Prayer is available during your sessions if you request this


Contacting you to touch base in between sessions by email or text if this would be beneficial to you.

Start with the free session
Let's get started
Start with a FREE Coaching Consultation
* College student discounts:
available with a valid student ID
*If you prefer payments for your plan agreement:

ask Coach about Apple Pay, Zelle or
Venmo Options
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