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Health and Wellness Coaching

Do Any of These Sound Like You?

  • Struggling to lose weight and/or struggling with food choices
  • Overwhelmed with stress and absence of work-life balance
  • Unable to balance mind/body/spirit
  • Inconsistent with exercise
  • Consistently tired
You are not alone! Health Coaching gives you the results and the accountability to take back control of your life!
I am stressed out

As a Health Coach, I can help you to:

  • Achieve your goals
  • Overcome the obstacles 
  • Sustain the changes



In the video below,

Dr. Mark Hyman's interview explains why health coaches are essential in creating behavioral change:

What is Health and Wellness Coaching:

How Health Coaching Works:


Your FREE Initial Consultation:

What will we do? Talk about what is important to you to include in the coaching Chat and get to know each other Talk about what motivated you to check out health and wellness coaching Answer any questions that you might have Explain how coaching works and what to expect Discuss what frequency you would like to do the coaching and the costs for the coaching Get you started!


You Pick Your Coaching Plan:

There are 1, 3 or 6 month coaching plans available. Why are 6 month plans offered: It has been researched that 6 months or more of successful behavioral change is the most effective time frame to avoid relapsing into old behaviors. This allows the changes to become a seamless part of your daily life.


You Start the Coaching!

What are a a few things that the coaching includes: We will discuss if any important areas were highlighted when you filled out your self assessment (sent to you after our first meeting). We will discuss the successes and challenges in your life related to your goals. Guidance will be given regarding behavioral change and strategies to achieve your goals. We will discuss and set specific goals that are important to you in a 1-2 week and 3-month format. We will plot out a personalized map for how you can make these goals happen and you will leave with a clear plan. You will have an accountability partner!

Additional Options for Health Coaching without an additional cost:


Prayer is available during your sessions if you request this


Contacting you to touch base in between sessions by email or text if this would be beneficial to you.

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